Sep 10, 2009

Fake Phones, New Born Baby Shopping and a Flat Tire

So much stuff has happened in the past 24 hours.

Fake Phones

You hear a lot about fake designer bags or fake games, but other than the I-Phone, I've never heard much about fake mobile phones. Recently, a family member of mine brought home what I thought to be two Nokia phones and 2 HTC phones. I was wrong. I laughed hard when I saw that Nokia was really "NCKIA" and "HTC" turned into "THC".
I didnt realize just how fun these cheap phones could be though.
For example, they both have the ability to pick up local TV stations that you can watch on your phone, which is something my real Nokia N93 can't do. The touch screen functions that both types of phones have is useful when I have to type in Chinese, because when I use the Taiwan-Chinese "Alphabet" I text very slow.

Both phones also accept 2 sim cards at once which is very helpful considering I have two phones, but I'm going to stick with one in my original phone.

All-In-All, these phones are great to have, they really are fun to mess around with.

Shopping For a Newborn

Today I received a text from one of my Japanese friends. She as finally given birth! The baby weighs in at 2.85kg, which is a bit small. So what do I do? I instantly go and look for something to give to the baby as a present. I am officially "Uncle Ben", though I am actually already an uncle, and no I am not the "Uncle Ben" who does that packaged rice.

I, being male and having no affluence to shopping for babies, was not really sure what to buy. What I did end up looking at was Kaloo, which is a designer brand for baby toys/bibs/blankets and even baby PERFUME! Why babies need perfume is beyond me, though some suggest the scents used help the baby relax.

I really wanted to buy a set which included a Bib, a Blanket and a Toy, but man was that price tag high.

In the end I settled for a pretty large (compared to the baby) soft stuffed toy dog. I thinks its cute, so the baby better think it is.

Flat Tire

So while I was shopping for the baby's present, my scooter was in the underground parking lot with its back wheel dying. I'm all done with my shopping and I hop on the scooter to head home when whats this? My back wheel is sliding all over the place when I try to turn... I ended up having to travel at 10km/h all the way to the nearest repair shop. Thank god they were still open at 10pm.
The mechanic tests the wheel I end up having a hole in the tire. Great, after only around 4-5 months of use as well. I figure tomorrow I'll get to the place where I bought the scooter and demand for a new tire! Hopefully the warranty covers that, I'm not sure because I can't read Chinese well enough to read the warranty.

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