Aug 28, 2009

5 Playstation 3 Games That I Will Buy

In no particular order...

1. Infamous

Why: Running around an entire city with electrical powers at my disposal sounds cool to begin with. Add in the facts that you get to choose to help that citizen or obliterate him, fly around in an unconventional manner, and have the city evolve depending on my actions, its no wonder I want this game.

2. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Why: I've been a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series from the start. The wacky gadgets and weapons, the humorous plot and most of all the adventure have all had me playing this series for hours on end. In the latest game we have a bunch of new weapons that I just have to try out, such as the Tornado Launcher, Jello Gun and something called a Groovitron that causes enemies to dance. Disco Anyone?

3. Fallout 3

Why: The first 2 games were amazingly good and although this latest version differs a lot from its predecessors I hear it is amazing. It is time to get out my plasma rifle and blast the flesh off those mutants face's, and why stop at the mutants? Lets blow up every survivor of nuclear war! Either that or I could help them, but why would I do that? Apparently I'll spend a lot of time exploring, but it has to be an exciting experience in Post-Nuclear War.

4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Why: To be honest, who hasn't thought about being one of Marvel's Superheroes? Now that a Civil War has broken out amongst the heroes, you can take up the position on either side and battle your way through opposing do-gooders. With online and offline four player co-op mode, this game is sure to be a super-blast.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV

Why: I have no doubt that I'll spend countless hours beating citizens of Liberty City up, stealing their cars and destroying the peace, but how is that different from any of the other GTA games? I don't know but I always did like doing it. What I do know is that it has multiplayer. You can play with up to 15 of your friends! Its too bad no one I know owns a PS3. Eitherway the multiplayer option itself is enough for me to buy the game, I'll just have to add random people that don't speak English, where is that Indonesian Dictionary?

Aug 21, 2009

Cookie Coffee Ice-Cream Recipe

I have a sweet treat for you today. That is if you own an ice-cream machine. If not, then too bad. I made this recipe earlier today, and it tastes pretty good, if I may say so.

To make approx. 14 half cup servings, I think:

  • 5 Oreo Cookies
  • 3 Cups Heavy Cream
  • 1 and 1/2 Cups Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar
  • Instant Coffee (Or brewed coffee if you prefer)
  • Coffee Liqueur


  1. Set up your Ice-Cream Machine according to instructions.
  2. Take the cream out of the Oreo cookies. Eat them if you'd like beacuse we won't need them.
  3. Smash the Oreo cookies into bits. As big as you want or as small as you want.
  4. Make some highly concentrated coffee by using only a tiny bit of hot water to dissolve the Instant Coffee.
  5. In a large bowl, mix the Cream, Milk, Sugar and Coffee.
  6. Add Coffee Liqueur to taste and mix again.
  7. Pour the mixture into your Ice-Cream Machine and switch on!


  • If it is not sweet enough, add more sugar. Perhaps 1 cup instead of half.
  • Same goes for Coffee, not strong enough? Add more coffee!
  • Add toppings or change the ingredients for a whole new flavor of Ice-Cream!

I hope you enjoy this recipe, because I think it turned out great! Its too bad I'm on a diet again and have to watch my family eat it all. Sorry for there being no photo. I didn't have time to take one. Next time I make something, I'll try to take a photo or two.

Aug 19, 2009

The New Threat In Town

Thinking of planning a day out? Read First!

Picnicking(1), one of the most relaxing and possibly romantic outdoor activities that millions of men, women and children across the globe enjoy. Picnicking and hiking(2), another extraneous(3) activity, have both been jeopardized by a threat other than mosquitoes(4), the Taiwan Macaques(5). In 2001 the monkeys were reported to be more than 250,000 in number. Assuming the females give birth every 1 or 2 years, the populous has more than likely exploded. Supposedly a rare species, they have certainly started to show their faces a lot.

Imagine this:

You plan a trip with your family to hike to a picnic area with a gorgeous view. Reaching the top you see a single monkey and thus do not feel threatened, therefore proceeding with the outing. Your kids are playing with a ball only a few feet away and you call them in for a sandwich. They journey, with the sandwich, to a spot in the shade and commence eating. All is well.

"Ahhhhhh!" The scream fades into a gurgle. Turning your head, a sight that will remain ingrained into your mind forever. A group of macaques has attacked your child(ren). One slashes at the face while another bites at an ankle, but the worst is yet to come. The monkeys steal that sandwich you had spent two hours making. The ham and cheese sandwich, lightly toasted with a leaf of lettuce cut into a heart, is ripped from your child(ren)'s bleeding hands and torn apart.

Something I doubt you would enjoy seeing happen, that is unless you are some sadistic creep. But what can we do to stop this menace? Unfortunately, nothing. These monkeys are protected by Taiwanese laws. If any harm falls upon the monkeys, the person(s) who caused the harm will be fined anywhere from $200,000NT ($6,000US) to $1,000,000NT ($30,000US) as well as six months to five years imprisonment.

So, if you are planning a day out with your family and/or loved one, you may want to 'think again'(6).

Extra Information

1. The act of having a picnic.
2. The act of going for a hike.
3. Synonym for 'Outside'.
4. A flying insect that is sort of like a vampire without fangs and carries disease.
5. A monkey. Threatens outdoor activity in Taiwan that ranges from 500 to 1000ft.
6. National Geographic Channel's Slogan.


This post may be a bit exaggerated.
The photo of the macaque is one I took, so no copying, at least not until I say you can.

Source (

Aug 18, 2009

The Art Gallery

On Sunday one of my friends had some of her art work shown in an art gallery. It was her second showing and there was a great turnout. There was even one sold before I got there, and I was half an hour early. I just wanted to show some of her pieces.


Size: 4F
Acrylic Paint


Size: 20F
Acrylic Paint


Size: 20F
Acrylic Paint

Royal Blood

Size: 20F
Acrylic Paint

Royal Blood 2

Size: 4F
Acrylic Paint

I would link to her website or her blog but she doesn't have one, if you want to contact her just ask.

I hope you enjoyed her work because thats all for now.



Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my new blog! Yay!

Just to start, I'll tell you a bit about myself. First-off, I'm MEAT-BHK, Mixed English and Taiwanese born Hong Kong-nese, and no I'm not a type of meat thank you very much. Second, I'm currently living in Taiwan but have lived in both Hong Kong (duh, I was born there) and England before. That is all I can be bothered to write about myself at this moment.

This blog is going to contain stuff in my life, such as places I visit, things I do. For example, the next post will show some art work one of my friends displayed in a local gallery.

Thats all from me for this post,