Aug 28, 2009

5 Playstation 3 Games That I Will Buy

In no particular order...

1. Infamous

Why: Running around an entire city with electrical powers at my disposal sounds cool to begin with. Add in the facts that you get to choose to help that citizen or obliterate him, fly around in an unconventional manner, and have the city evolve depending on my actions, its no wonder I want this game.

2. Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction

Why: I've been a fan of the Ratchet and Clank series from the start. The wacky gadgets and weapons, the humorous plot and most of all the adventure have all had me playing this series for hours on end. In the latest game we have a bunch of new weapons that I just have to try out, such as the Tornado Launcher, Jello Gun and something called a Groovitron that causes enemies to dance. Disco Anyone?

3. Fallout 3

Why: The first 2 games were amazingly good and although this latest version differs a lot from its predecessors I hear it is amazing. It is time to get out my plasma rifle and blast the flesh off those mutants face's, and why stop at the mutants? Lets blow up every survivor of nuclear war! Either that or I could help them, but why would I do that? Apparently I'll spend a lot of time exploring, but it has to be an exciting experience in Post-Nuclear War.

4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Why: To be honest, who hasn't thought about being one of Marvel's Superheroes? Now that a Civil War has broken out amongst the heroes, you can take up the position on either side and battle your way through opposing do-gooders. With online and offline four player co-op mode, this game is sure to be a super-blast.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV

Why: I have no doubt that I'll spend countless hours beating citizens of Liberty City up, stealing their cars and destroying the peace, but how is that different from any of the other GTA games? I don't know but I always did like doing it. What I do know is that it has multiplayer. You can play with up to 15 of your friends! Its too bad no one I know owns a PS3. Eitherway the multiplayer option itself is enough for me to buy the game, I'll just have to add random people that don't speak English, where is that Indonesian Dictionary?


  1. Aww, I want a PS3 too~ I wanna play Blazblue!

  2. I have gta4 on 360, multiplayer sucks ass.... I also borrowed Fallout 3 for a couple of weeks and it was good but bit lame on the gun firing.. i.e. you can press a button, and pick a part of their body (while the game is paused) and it'll have a % chance of hit....